Topic 1: Connecting online and digital literacies

Having read some very interesting articles on different digital literacies, I realised that in this era of rapidly changing technological change, it is indeed time for me to embrace the many advantages presented by engaging online. Although I see myself as a “collaborater”, I was initially somewhat reluctant to having such a public presence online. However I am beginning to see that the benefits of sharing my views and experiences and learning from others, will ultimately far outweigh my perceived fear of online visibility and enhance the way I engage with my law students in an online space.

I am beginning to see that I can utilise a range of digital literacies to develop and expand my students’ ability to learn, and assist them with ways to optimise creating and sharing content online. I am keen to explore the concept of transliteracy further.

From my synchronous meetings with my colleagues on this course it is evident that despite our different backgrounds and experiences, we have a lot to learn from each other in the way we engage and explore the different digital tools on offer. The analogy of “crossing a bridge” into the digital world which our Group 5 came up with (as suggested by our colleagues Janus) resonates with me in my own journey into discovering the best ways to incorporate the tools we are learning, into my own teaching on the law programmes I teach and develop.



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